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VentSim Design 5.2 Released!

John Armstrong

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VentSim DESIGN™ 5.2 is a major upgrade with many new features and improvements.
Download Ventsim™ 5.2. 

VentSim DESIGN 5.2 - Improvements

New simulation features

Dynamic Simulation will now include activity tracks
Vehicle presets
Filter presets
Piston effect
Gag wizard, and adjustments to moisture calculations

Modelling Escape Routes

Color Distance to Surface / Refuge Bay

Modelling Equipment Paths

Improvements to Activity Track Editor

User Interface

New simpler configuration of 3D graphics visibility options
Data Manager minor update to managing colors
New easier way to assign icon to pre-sets
Draw guides showing angle and length when drawing airways
New Edit Properties (using property grid)
Model Explorer
New ability to draw custom airway profiles
Licensing can now read your license settings directly from the pdf file
File Inherit can now select which 3d Graphics to inherit
Spreadsheet tool has new sorting and filtering tools
Zoom to specific Graphics Layer
Minor change to Fan Database
Apply changes to Specific Stages
Add Scale Manager as a separate View
Irregular shape selection


New Tablet Mode
Anemometer, smoke tube data entry


New Connect UI

See attached release notes for a further description of these changes. 
Please let us know your feedback, we hope you’ll find this to be the best release of VentSim so far.    

VentSim Design 5.2 Release Notes.pdf

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