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Distance To Refuge Bay

Florian Michelin

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A new feature in VentSim 5.2 is the possibility to view the distance to the closest surface or refuge bay from each airway.

Before using this tool 2 important step are required for accurate results:

  • Placing the different refuge bay in the model.
    • Edit the airway, in the fire tab. Select “Refuge Bay”


  • Setting airways that cannot be passed through.
    • Edit the airway, in the fire tab, select “No thoroughfare”.
    • It can also be set for a specific resistance in the preset. If so any airway with this preset will be “No thoroughfare”.
    • Note: Blocked airways and ducts are No thoroughfare.


Once that is done set the colour to Descriptors | Distance From Refuge Bay. This will colour airways by their distance to the closest refuge bay or surface. The option distance from surface.


The light pink airways are the No Thoroughfare airways set to a far away distance. We can see that some airways are bright pink, indicating a high distance to the closest refuge chamber. Standard colour scaling can be used to filter airway per distance to refuge chambers. The distance for each airway is taken in the middle of the airway.

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