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New Design for Editing airway properties

John Armstrong

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New Design for Editing airway properties

VentSim 5.2 introduces a new layout for the editing of airways.

We believe the new layout makes it easier to learn, more consistent, intuitive and generally easier to find and edit the property you’re looking for.
We’ve tried our best to design the new layout to be very similar if not identical to the old layout.
i.e using the same grouping and order of properties, the same number of tabs and icon designs.


Why change a perfectly good system?

Because some of our users requested it
We’ve had quite a few users, requesting us to modernize the UI and clean up what can be viewed as a somewhat cluttered properties dialog

Other Benefits

  • Hiding and collapsing of the different categories (see screenshots below)
  • Consistency across tabs
  • Layers are all grouped together
  • Better support for multiple languages
  • Using a grid will give us more flexibility in the future to allow people to customize which rows to show and hide, some users have also requested to be able to dock the different tabs, so you can view the different tabs at the same time etc.…


Mixed Reaction from our users

Change can be tough, and the new interface does take some getting used to.
But after the initial reactions of “What the!” We’ve got some good feedback.

But don’t worry if your one of those who likes the old design

and would really prefer to stick with it.


We’ve got you covered! 

Just switch back to the old one…


We’ve made it ultra-simple (See screen shot below) just right-click and select
“Switch to Old Edit Box…”
and if in future you’d like to give it another go in the future, just right-click “Switch to New Edit Box…”

New change coming today!

  • A couple of people have suggested some changes to simplify the resistance selection to reduce number of clicks required, now you can just drop and select the pre-set instead of needed to select the pre-set category first.  (see screen shot below)


Right click and select “Switch To Old Edit Box…”


The New vs The OLD


Improvement when selecting Resistance in the latest patch out later today!

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Hi John,

With no disrespect intended, in my opinion the old Text Edit Box is far easier to use, (and looks better as well).

It will be interesting to see what other users opinions are.  (Maybe you should conduct a pole)

I have persisted with the new style edit box for now because I am aware that people are always resistant to change but I was one of the users asking for the change to attributes drop down menu.

Another reason for resisting the urge to go back to the old style Edit Box is because I fear that if I do not try to get used to it I may not be able to keep up with other changes to the software as it evolves in the future.  What are your thoughts on this topic ?


Mick Gwynne


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Hi Mick,

Thanks for the comment, I think it does take some time getting used to, but I like the consistency of the new layout the most.
We've had a few people really dislike it, who have persevered; and after a while actually start to like it.
They went back to an old model using previous 5.1 and found it hard to use.

We think its a better solution in the long run and gives more flexibility, however we will continue to support the old layout and keep the option there.

So it is simply a user preference, if you like the old, stick with it no worries, its just a choice of interface style.
New users find the new layout easier to use, so will be the default for new users.

Don't worry we'll continue to support the old style and keep it up to date so you won't miss any new functionality using it.

Hope that helps allay any fears.

Regards & thanks for the feedback

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  • 3 weeks later...

Dear John,

I agree with Mick. Besides, in old version when we press ESC button the EDIT box disappears. However, in this new version of the software, even you use old version of EDIT box, when you finish your editing and press ESC, the EDIT box does not disappear. Instead, it shades away but remains on screen. It is quite a bit annoying and is not user friendly when you deal with lots of airways.

I hope you have plans to modify this feature.


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Hi, in the later versions of VentSim, you now have the option of docking the EDIT box in the main VentSim window or have it floating as a separate window.

If you dock it, then the EDIT box will remain visible even if you have no airway selected. If you want the EDIT box to disappear when you deselect airways with the ESC key then you need to have the EDIT box undocked.

You can undock it by clicking and holding on the title of the EDIT box, dragging the mouse to where you want the EDIT box to be, and then releasing. 

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