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Ventlog Interface (New Features - VentSim 5.0)

Craig Christensen

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VentSim Design 5.0 has some significant improvements to the Ventlog feature set and also to the speed that station data can be mapped and displayed in your model.  You can now import stations, view trends and compare data, move stations, create new stations and add new records to your Ventlog database all directly from VentSim Design.

New Ventlog features:

Mapped Ventlog data can now be selected as a display option for both colour and text in Ventsim:


The new Ventlog Comparison tool allows you to compare recorded Ventlog data with simulated results:


All historical records for every Ventlog station can now be viewed in either a chart



Or in datatable view where records can be edited if needed:


The new “Hide Station” feature allows you to remove the station from future imports to VentSim Design.

When adding a new station to Ventlog directly from VentSim Design, the Group and Level info can now be recorded.



You can also use the Link Existing Station feature to map a station that already exists in your Ventlog database but could not be matched to any airways due to missing or incorrect co-ordinates.


You can also use Link Existing Station to move an already mapped station to a new location.  When moving an existing station you can either leave the previous records assigned to the old airway (this would be handy if you are using a temporary recording station and you don’t want the historical data to be mapped to the new location) or you can move all existing records to the new location (if you are fixing a mistake).

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Hi Craig,

Could you please confirm if the VentLog can connect to a MS-SQL database? I go as far as connecting to a the database on our local server. I can see the list of sensors by clicking on the Sensors button. But after that any function fails. The attached file contains screen shots that could be helpful in trying to pinpoint the problem.

The liveview works fine showing the sensor data but it does not have any trending tool. I am guessing I must be doing something wrong.




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Hi Davood,

VentLog doesn't connect to existing datasets like you have here, it uses it's own database format (which can be stored on an MS-SQL server) and it is for recording station data from ventilation surveys.  Liveview will be okay for showing data from this data set, but you are right in that it doesn't have any trending ability and only shows the most recent "live" data.

One thing we could look at is converting your existing dataset to a Ventlog database, but if you have a continuous feed in from sensors, then Ventlog probably isn't the right tool for this job.  However if you just want to look at a set of data up to today, we can see how easy it might be to convert it to a Ventlog format database for trending.

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Hi John,

Send us an email at ventsim.support@howden.com and I can help get you started with a script to build the database on SQL Server, or if you just use a .VLG file format Ventlog can make that for you when you install it and choose a New Ventlog Database as the option then run through the initial setup wizard (You don't have to enter everything during the wizard, you can fill things in later on too).



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