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Florian Michelin

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Stages is one of the most useful tools in VentSim and is now part of PumpSim 3!

The stages allow the user to save different stage or milestone of the project in one model. It saves not having to use several model for the same project.

One element can belong to several stages, the modification to a stage can be either spread to the other stage or stay only for this specific stage. You can also allocate element to the desired stage. The stages can also be used to simulate specific scenario, you can keep your main model as is but having another stage with a different pump and see how the system react to the new setup.stages.thumb.jpg.00e76d9b5ed2945483cee96a40ee8c77.jpg

Give it a try!

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Hi George, 

The Stage tool allows you to have different stages in your model representing the system at different moments in time. There is an example in the Pumpsim demonstration models. Go to File | Load Demonstration | Stages, and then change between the different Stages. 


Before using Stages, it is a good idea to save your model in a different file. Stages can be difficult to understand when you are starting with them, so it is likely you will make mistakes and want to go back and start again.

To set pu stages in your model, go to the Stages menu and have a play with the options there. You can create a new stage by making a Shared Copy. Then, to Edit a stage without changing anything in the other stage, click the StageLock button


When this button is on, any changes you make are limited to the current stage. 

Have a play with it and let us know how you go. 

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