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New Feature: Auto-regulators

Martin Griffith

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New in Ventsim is the Auto-Regulator feature. This is a new Resistance type option. 


This resistance option can be used as a replacement for an Orifice or Regulator resistance type, but rather than having a set opening, it takes a Target Flow. The Auto-regulator will then adjust the opening to achieve that flow. If the Target Flow can not be achieved (ie, more pressure is needed) then the Auto-regulator will set to 100% open and the flow will solve at some airflow less than the target. Additionally a warning will appear, telling you that the Target Flow has not been achieved, such as in the example below, where I've set an unachievable Target Flow.


To model this previously, some of you may have used the Fixed Flow option on the Fan tab with the Restrict Only option on. The Auto-regulator has the advantage that in scenarios where extra pressure is needed to achieve the flow, as well as getting the warning, you will also get a realistic flow rate. 

For the Auto-regulator, you have to choose a type. This can be the Orifice-Equivalent, which follows the same resistance-to-opening function as the Orifice Resistance Type; or you can choose one of the preset Regulators. Either way, you will also be shown either the calculated orifice area or regulator opening on the Edit Box. 

We see this feature being used to model ventilation systems that will have some sort of Ventilation-On-Demand service; or to help during the ventilation design phase, in a similar way to how Fixed Flows are currently used. 

Please let us know how you go with the Auto-Regulators and if you have any feedback or suggestions. 


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