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Pumpsim Design - Bingham yield stress has no impact

Joey B

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In my PumpSim design, I am trying to model the flow of Non-Newtonian fluid (paste) and adjustments to the known Yield Stress based on %solids does not have an impact on systemic pressure. The only thing that is changing pressure in the system is change in liquid density

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Hi Joey, 

Firstly, make sure you have Bingham selected as the Viscosity Model. image.thumb.png.36011222a0e23fa65ca633717f814564.png


Also, make sure that you have the fluid type set on the pipes. 

Finally, check if any other properties are changing with the yield stress. In a purely gravity fed system, changing the yield stress won't change the pressure (which is set by the elevation and the fluid density) but it will change the flow rate you achieve. If is still unclear, feel free to send us the model to have a look at, or some screenshots. (ventsim.support@howden.com)

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