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Search Internet for fans > See Fan Information - results in same fan information for every fan.

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If I select an airway with a fixed quantity, edit the airway, go to the fan tab, and select the "Search Internet for fans Icon" (green colored fan icon next to the fan type) it lists a whole series of different fans which may work for the operating point of the fixed quantity. If I select any of the recommended options however and then click the "See Fan Information" button at the bottom of the window. It always takes me to the exact same screen "Model: 3600-VAX-2100" showing an operating point of ~0.5kPa at 4.8m3/s. I tried changing the fixed q setting and while the recommended fan list does change, the "see fan information" button always takes you to the 3600-VAX-2100 fan.

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Hi Nathan, 

Apologies for this, but the link the button goes to is not working properly and does not show the correct fan information. In the current version of Ventsim we have temporarily disabled this button. 

We are working on getting the link working again. Furthermore the recommend fan tool is being re-released soon and will contain a broader selection of available fans. 

If you want information on a particular fan, you can contact us or Howden fan sales and we will provide you with any information you need. 

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