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New! Advanced Message Boxes!

Florian Michelin

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The new Advanced Message Box, allows to show multiple data in the same place and to perform basic math on this information. For exemple the below box shows the maximum velocity in the decline, the minimum velocity, the average air flow and the maximum wet bulb temperature.



To add the exemple above, add a text box anywhere and:

1.       Click the “advanced Tab

2.       Select the favourite you want to display or … to create one

3.       Select the type of data (min, max, sum, avg)

4.       Go back to text message and add text around the data.


Let us know if you have trouble adding those message boxes.





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Further to this, we've also enhanced some of the functionality around message boxes. 

Currently, you can set the stages on the Message Box, so that it appears only on some stages. Some users have requested that the Message Boxes be visible or invisible based on the visibility of the airway that they are attached to. We've made this change. That means that if your message box is positioned on an airway, and then you switch off the visibility of that airway (by, say, unselecting the Primary or Secondary Layer that that airway belongs to) then the Message Box will also disappear. If you want the Message Box to not follow the visibility of the airway, then move the Message Box away from the airway. 

There is a catch though. Because this feature is new, it won't work automatically on your existing models in Ventsim 5.4. If you want an existing Message Box (from version 5.2 or earlier) to follow the visibility of the airway, then you'll need to move the Message Box off the airway, then back on. Also, if you have airways linked to the Message Box as part of the Advanced Message Box function, then the Message Box will be visible if any of the selected airways are visible. 

One last thing: with these Advanced Message Box features, you might start putting a lot of work into crafting the exact outputs you're interested in. Because of this, we've added the Message Boxes to the Undo list. This means if you move, delete, add or edit a message box, your changes can be undone (or re-done) in the usual way.

Any experiences or questions around the message boxes, we're keen to hear. 

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